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  Media – Published Articles Shelley Treacher (as seen in Better After 50 and the Counselling Directory)  is BACP accredited, with a Master’s Degree in Somatic Counselling Psychology (CIIS). She is also a certified specialist in binge & overeating recovery (Julia Buckroyd, Emeritus Professor) and a certified coach specialising in finding engaged love (Katherine Woodward […]

Putting everyone else first

Do you feel the burden of responsibility because you put others' needs first? We all want to love and be loved. But, the emotional eater tends to be someone who supports other people, rather than asks for help. Can you relate to this? In this podcast, I talk about how putting other people first can [...]

How to stop emotional eating

Another diet is not how to lose weight in January 2021! If you're sick of diets, want to lose weight and get fitter in 2021, but can't make yourself stop emotional eating, this article is for you. It's thought that the relentless cycle of binge-eating and dieting makes you put on more weight. The body [...]

Covid Christmas loneliness

  Covid Christmas loneliness This article is about the difficulties we face this Christmas. So, here you’ll find ways to approach Covid Christmas loneliness and other challenges that we face this year. Loneliness is easily triggered at this time of year. But this isn't a normal year. Some of us won’t be able to meet [...]

Covid Christmas comfort eating

Coping with Covid Christmas and comfort eating   This article is about the difficulties we face this Christmas. So, here you’ll find ways to approach Covid Christmas challenges, and how to manage Christmas binge or comfort eating. In a normal year, we eat at least twice as much as usual at Christmas.   This isn’t […]

Overeating and Binge Eating Podcasts

Overeating and Binge Eating Podcast Introduction In this introductory episode  I help you to understand why it’s so hard to stop yourself overeating, and explain how you can recognise what’s behind your eating.   Blame. Binge. Shame. Repeat – The self critic behind the binge eater In this episode I continue to explain what makes […]

Therapycat short videos

To make therapy tips accessible to more people, I hand over the tips to my cat, Mia, for a while! Short videos featuring Therapycat Utilising the sensitivity, calm, healing and joy that cats bring, with a serious human message. Helping people with anxiety, loneliness, binge eating, and love & relationship concerns, to feel better.   […]

Comfort Eating Recovery Tips 2

This is Part 2 of 'Comfort Eating Recovery Quick Tips Series' Tips 10 - 19   In reaction to Boris' war on obesity, I'm producing quick comfort eating recovery tips in video, every working week day. Understanding and managing the emotional and psychological side of comfort eating is very much overlooked. Please share this series, [...]

Comfort Eating Recovery Tips 1

In reaction to Boris’ war on obesity, I’m producing quick comfort eating recovery tips in video, every working week day. Understanding and managing the emotional and psychological side of comfort eating is very much overlooked. Please share this series, or any of these videos, to reach anyone who might need some support. Your comments and […]

Coping with loneliness & difficult relationship patterns – Short article series

Shelley Treacher BACP Accred   These articles are all written for people who are suffering in difficult relationship or dating patterns, or who are unhappily single and alone. Here you will learn more about coping with loneliness, what causes loneliness, how to manage it, and how to find love and happiness. Coping with Lockdown loneliness [...]

Understand and manage comfort and binge eating – Short article series

Shelley Treacher BACP Accred 'Managing comfort and binge eating - Short article series' is an ever-increasing library of articles & video, where I speak about understanding and managing comfort and binge eating, overeating, stress eating or food obsession. Here are all of my articles, in one place, for your convenience.   Start with this one! [...]

Manage overeating and binge eating videos

Shelley Treacher BACP Accred My videos on managing overeating or binge eating help you to understand, and work towards naturally choosing to stop overeating and binge eating Video 1 – Are you an overeater, comfort eater, or binge eater? Questions to help you start to explore and understand why it’s hard to stop yourself eating. […]

Coping with Covid Isolation Short video series

Shelley Treacher BACP Accred For the first few weeks of Covid-19 lockdown in England, I produced a video each week, and one mindfulness audio. These are videos of support, with helpful tips,  about coping  with the anxiety,  loneliness and overeating, experienced during isolation. Video 1 – Coping with Covid-19 isolation – Comfort eating My honest, […]

Coping with Covid-19 overeating

Here, I talk about coping with Covid-19 overeating. I’ll show you what’s behind overeating, and how to start to understand and change it. This video is for you if you feel bad about your eating, and could do with some help on coping with Covid-19 overeating.   Since the lockdown began I’ve seen posts every […]

Corona Virus related loneliness

Taking care of your mental health in Corona Virus related loneliness   Working with clients online over the past few weeks, since the Corona Virus hit the UK, there’s one thing I’ve noticed above all.  In the words of one client: ”Talking gave me permission to understand what I’m feeling” As one writer put it, […]

Is overeating just a habit?

Most people who come to see me, who are frustrated with the compulsion to overeat, ask “Isn't it just a habit?” As if that's an end to the subject. It is a habit. Overeating is usually something that was learned very early on, and has been practised (perhaps interspersed with periods of dieting) for most [...]

Binge Eating and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is becoming a buzzword in our culture. Today I'm going to write about how mindfulness can be used to manage binge eating, and as a preparation for helping to learn how to manage feelings a different way.   Slow down and notice Mindfulness, in regard to binge eating, is the practice of eating with [...]

Surviving family dynamics at Christmas, being single or alone at Christmas, & Christmas overeating

Take extra care of yourself at Christmas Some of my client work involves talking about Christmas all year round. Most of us are going back to our families; to the places where we learned how to relate. Some of us don't have family or partners at all, and will be spending Christmas alone. On the [...]

What it takes to understand, manage and change comfort and binge eating

Keep a higher purpose in the forefront of your mind You've got to have a really good, personally meaningful reason, to give up what comforts you. For me it's connecting to what I really want in life. Whether this be empowering people through really talking about things that don't get talked about; feeling strong, fit [...]

Self soothing strategies for binge eaters, and for people who feel rejected

13 Strategies for self soothing These are particularly for you if you experience urges to binge eat, or to obsess over romantic partners   When you feel an urge coming on, to binge eat or to text that guy or girl you've been obsessing over, stop for a second. Just stop. Just for a second. [...]

How to stop feeling so alone

Loneliness is a big problem According to Douglas Nemecek, MD, chief medical officer for behavioural health, Cigna, ''Loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making it even more dangerous   than obesity.'' In this article, I will show you how to address feeling so alone.   Everyone feels lonely Through [...]

Do you love too much?

 Feeling the sting of loneliness? Looking out of my Bristol window today, I can see the grey clouds. As we go into the dark and cold of Winter,  it strikes me that today might be a good day to focus on inner warmth. Maybe this is a good day to reflect on the love that [...]

Do you give yourself a hard time?

Comfort eating and self criticism Watch my video to see the link between self criticism and binge eating, and how you can start to overcome it:     In my work with binge eating, what I see most, is people who are really hard on themselves. This is one of the main reasons that people [...]

Are you a binge comfort eater?

Watch my video to find out... If you want more, fill out my questionnaire: Loading… Today I'm asking 'Are you an emotional eater?' I'm going to share with you some questions that'll help you start to understand why it's hard to stop yourself eating. And it is hard! This will start to open up a [...]

How to lose weight steadily for people sick of diets

  What you need to know about losing weight steadily There are a lot of reasons why losing weight is hard. Food is widely and cheaply available. From the checkout counter at Next, to the petrol station, we would have to actively go out of our way to not be tempted while we're going about [...]

Overcome dwelling on the negative

Do you focus on the negative? Have you ever found yourself dwelling on the one negative thing that happened, the criticism or mistake, instead of all the nice things you might have done that day? According to neuroscience, our brains are hardwired to have a bias towards negativity. This bias means that we are naturally [...]

Why diets don’t work

Willpower is not enough to overcome overeating There is a social assumption in much of our culture that people who are overweight could just stop overeating, and do some exercise. Lots of people come into my office with stories of how their Doctor, Personal Trainer, or friends have told them to just cut down on […]

Social anxiety and nervousness

Are you nervous of attending that social event? I've run a social group for people not currently in relationship, for 9 years.   People are nervous The most common thing I get messages about, is how nervous people are about coming to one of my events. Not everybody puts themselves in this category, but I [...]

Overcome habitual comfort overeating

One of my friends wished me 'Happy chocolate day!' on Easter Sunday. I've heard it said that there are 3 days of the year that you can have chocolate for breakfast; Christmas, your Birthday, and Easter Sunday. How difficult is it to resist that social norm?! This pervasive attitude is just one of the MYRIAD [...]

Strategies to cope with feeling rejected

How to deal with neediness, or codependency urges. This is a list of things that you can try if you have the excruciating, stomach wrenching experience of feeling rejected and unable to let someone go. There are lots of different ideas here so keep reading. One or two may strike a chord with you!   [...]