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Safety First

calm anxiety

Most of us are constantly on edge.

We might get angry when someone cuts us off while driving, want to escape when things get overwhelming, struggle to say no to things we don’t want to do, or try to please others to avoid conflict.

Many of us use adrenalin to get through the day.

If you can relate to this you might feel tense or in a hurry as you read this.

When we’re always in survival mode, it’s hard to think, have healthy relationships, or have fun. It can also lead to making unhealthy food choices.

Regulating your nervous system is important for overcoming emotional eating.

Have you ever had the experience of feeling alive and in sync with life? When every traffic light opens up for you, and compliments seem to come from nowhere?

This is being in a state of regulation.

Watch this video for a simple way to start calming your nerves.

self regulationThis (1 minute) Polyvagal exercise works by changing your breathing, which helps you start to let go of tension & to relax.

Managing stress can improve your mental clarity, reduce overthinking, and make you feel safer in your body. Safe enough to face life’s challenges without relying on food.