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Find someone to talk to; keeping it all inside won’t help

Shelley Treacher, Counsellor in Bristol

Psychotherapy services in Bristol

A warm welcome to you.

Therapy with me is about being able to talk about things in a way that is difficult to do with a relative or friend.

Maybe you lie awake at night worrying, struggle to get up in the morning, or feel something is missing.

We will figure out what’s making you unhappy, and work together to rediscover your vitality.


I’m amazed at how I can be in such a different place now to where I was just a few weeks ago.


My therapy sessions are typically 1 hour a week online, by phone or 1 to 1 - depending on what you are comfortable with.

Feel free to contact me online, via WhatsApp (or call me) on 07702 188676 to discuss how I can help you.


Shelley Treacher is BACP accredited, with a Master’s Degree in Somatic Body-Centred Counselling Psychology from CIIS.

Shelley produces the ‘Stress and Anxiety Recovery Podcast', as well as appearing in the media. Shelley is the creator of several online programmes, including The Binge Eating Recovery App & Programme.

Shelley also accepts clients who are approved through Axa or Aviva Insurance.

Psychotherapy Services

All ethnicities, genders, sexual (or non-sexual) orientations, and bodies are welcome here.


Short-term counselling

Day time weekly individual sessions may be available, or join my waiting list.

Initially, people often come to counselling for brief periods to discuss a current concern.

It is important that you feel safe with me.  So all clients start with an initial session of up to an hour. The next step is to make a weekly commitment. This is usually 4 to 6 weeks. Towards the end of this, we review what you need. We then decide whether to continue, or to have a final session.


Long-term psychotherapy

It may have taken a lifetime to build your habits and behaviours. As a result, some things take longer to understand and change. You may already know that you are looking for longer term psychotherapy.

My clients have the opportunity to stay for longer periods to work more deeply and thoroughly. Consequently, this is the most effective way to really make fundamental shifts. It takes time to develop how you relate with people, and so it takes time to improve your confidence, mood and situation, more permanently.

Things to come and see me about

Psychotherapy services in Bristol


Many people experience anxiety daily. So anxiety is one of the most common things to come and see me about. Left unattended, anxiety can lead to fatigue, depression, health or relationship problems.

Learning how to deal with anxiety is about exploring what lies beneath it, and learning techniques to cope. My training in body-centred psychotherapy is particularly useful. Here you can learn self-soothing and ways to understand and cope with anxiety.

What is Anxiety? Read about the first steps in how to deal with anxiety here

Psychotherapy services in Bristol

Depression & Feeling Low

What 'depression' means to me is literally a depression of feelings. This means you have experienced overwhelming emotions that have been squashed. So, you may have given up or feel very down. Therapy involves exploring and understanding the depression and its causes. Here, we uncover what is causing a block for you, with a view to change and finding a way to feel happier. It's difficult to find a way out of depression alone, so I help you find a way.

Read about my online or Bristol based Counselling & Psychotherapy Services here

Psychotherapy services in Bristol

Self-confidence & Self-worth

This is probably the most common subject of counselling and psychotherapy.

Self-esteem is about how much we like ourselves

Low self-confidence manifests in self-doubt, criticism, loneliness, shame, suppressed feelings, and sometimes compulsive behaviours.

The template for this is often laid out by the way our parents related to us. Psychotherapy is about understanding the belief system you developed. This is not about blaming your parents. It's more about you. Here you have the safety and space to work through the beliefs that limit you. Shifts come when you release these unconscious barriers.

Learn more about releasing self-criticism here

Psychotherapy services in Bristol


It is clear that bereavement is one of the greater challenges for so many of us. I began my training as a therapist working with Cruse Bereavement Care.

The difficult thing about grief is that in our culture we don’t talk about it. But loss is a part of each of our lives. So, here you can talk through ways to understand and cope with feelings like the guilt, sadness and anger brought up by bereavement, grief and loss.



Listen to my podcast about pet loss here.

Psychotherapy services in Bristol


Wanting to improve a primary relationship is a popular thing to come and see me about. Often clients come to therapy when they are at crisis point in their current relationship. Betrayal, affairs and separation are common issues for us to talk about. Relationship building is fundamental to our lives, yet it is something our upbringing often does not teach us enough about.

Understanding the patterns, roles and dynamics that exist between you and your partner can help. These are often repeated for generations, and can be changed.

Mindfulness and presence are the key to a successful relationship and sex life

Squashed emotions can lead to difficulty in being self-aware or engaged. Often leading to a lack of connection or a lack of intimacy in relationship. In therapy this will be navigated. This relationship counselling is for individuals only.

Read about avoidance and the fear of intimacy here

Psychotherapy services in Bristol


Loneliness is known to be one of the biggest problems in our society (whether in relationship or not). A huge number of people are alone and wish they weren't. Many feel they only meet the 'wrong' type of potential partners, and feel stuck and hopeless about changing this. People often feel used, rejected, and hurt. Some are in toxic or abusive situations.

Recovery is about understanding this pattern, and learning new ways of approaching relationship, self-esteem and confidence.

I offer two ways to approach this:
  • 1:1 Psychotherapy will focus on unfolding and processing belief systems like "Nobody cares for me" or "I'm unloveable" - created through earlier relationship disruptions.
  • 10-week group love, dating & relationship recovery programme This is a dynamic programme designed to speed you through uncovering your blocks and focussing on your future.
Psychotherapy services in Bristol

Binge & Overeating Recovery

Because I have expertise in this field, this is a good reason to see me.

I offer 3 options to get help with binge and overeating

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Eating
Psychotherapy services in Bristol

Family Dynamics

Do you dread Christmas or occasions with your family or inlaws? You are not alone.

Christmas is often an extremely stressful time for people who feel restricted in their families. Many clients come to therapy to talk about Christmas blues.

We work on understanding family relationships and having the confidence to set boundaries for yourself.

Ultimately, we focus on finding a way to be happier within yourself, amongst your family, and in any social setting or gathering of people (addressing any social anxiety).




I am an accredited member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. As such I abide by and am answerable to their code of ethics, including Confidentiality.

See www.bacp.co.uk for more details.