Can’t stop eating, but don’t know why?

eat too much

Support for you if you are frustrated with your eating

 Take back control

Tried everything to quit?

If you feel uncomfortable in your own skin,
and can’t look at yourself in the mirror any more,
You know you are your own worst enemy.
Don’t be alone
Talk with people who understand,
and gain back the control of your eating
without starving yourself
binge eating recovery
Underground Confidence

The 6-week Comfort Eating Recovery group programme online

This programme will provide you with techniques for change, give you a new perspective, and give you the support you’ve been missing.

While the idea of a group may be scary, talking with people who understand where you’re coming from can be very powerful healing.

Through structured exercises and open conversation, this programme will help you safely explore and change your eating.

Mixed gender. Male & Female identified welcome

Currently, the group programme is online using Zoom.

Themes – Emotional eating, habits, cravings, self-confidence, the effects of your history, self-criticism, self-soothing, body esteem, relationship & support

Book Intro session (required for 6-week programme) discounted to: £30

Book Group programme Early Bird £197/ £247

Introductory Session

For any group or support programme, you will need to book an individual introductory session with Shelley first. You can book via the Calendly link here. Or, contact me if you need a different time.

In your introductory session, you can expect to receive support and will be encouraged to explore. You will gain some enlightenment and understanding of your eating, and how to start to tackle it. This will point you in the right direction.

Short term counselling

After The 6 Week Course – Ongoing Support

I will match you with compatible people, just like you, who want to continue recovering their confidence, overcome shame, worry, frustration, and of course, learn how to manage comfort eating differently.

These groupings give you an opportunity to really articulate your experiences, through which you will find acceptance, compassion, and core change.

We work through structured exercises with subjects like self-nurture, managing feelings, body-shame, self-confidence, the effects of your history, habits, cravings and patterns, motivation, etc.

You can take these modules on a 4 weekly basis. Take just one, or keep them rolling, to give you the best and most consistent support and lasting changes, as well as bonding with your peers.

Please contact me to see what’s available at this time.

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