Can’t stop eating, but don’t know why?

Support for you if you are frustrated with your eating.

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Are you an Emotional Eater?

Short Introductory Course

For people who suspect their eating may be triggered by emotion.

In this program, you will learn three important things:

1. Why it is that you cannot stop yourself from eating.

2. What’s actually behind your eating.

3. How to recover from this.

6 Month Comfort Eating Recovery Programme

Tried everything to quit?

If you feel uncomfortable in your own skin,
and can’t look at yourself in the mirror any more…
Maybe you know you are your own worst enemy.
Don’t be alone.
Talk with people who understand,
and gain back control of your eating
without starving or berating yourself
binge eating recovery
Underground Confidence

The Comfort Eating Recovery group programme

This programme is for those who know their eating is triggered by emotion. The programme provides techniques for change, gives you a new perspective, and offers the support you may have always needed.

Through structured exercises and open conversation, this programme will help you safely explore and shift your eating.

While the idea of a group may be scary, talking with people who understand where you’re coming from can be very powerful healing.

Mixed-gender. Male & Female identified welcome

Currently, the group programme is in development.

Themes – Emotional eating, habits, cravings, self-confidence, the effects of your history, self-criticism, self-soothing, triggering, hacks, relationship & support

Intro session, online programme, live group calls & Community

Free Resources

Underground Confidence, with Shelley Treacher, MA BACP Accred.

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