Can’t stop eating, but don’t know why?

emotional eating

Support for you if you are frustrated with your eating

 Take one of my group programmes

The 6-week ‘Understand your Eating’ group programme online

Tried everything to quit? This course will give you a new perspective on your eating, and provide you with techniques for change.

While the idea of a group may be scary,talking with people who understand where you’re coming from, may be the healing that is most needed.

The programme includes teaching and exercises, to help you safely explore and change your eating.


🤩 The next online ‘Understand your Eating’ 6 week programme

is on Thursdays at 6:30pm, from September 23rd

Last places left! Sign up for your intro session now


Mixed gender. Male & Female identified welcome

Currently, the group programme is online using Zoom.

Intro session £30

Group programme £210 Last places!

Book your intro session now.


Programme syllabus

For 60 minutes each week.

  • Session 1 Thursday, September 23rd – What is emotional eating?
  • Session 2 Thursday, Sept 30th – The past, self soothing
  • Session 3 Thursday, Oct 7th – Self-Criticism
We will break for a week on Oct 14th
  • Session 4 Thursday Oct 21st – Self Confidence
  • Session 5 Thursday Oct 28th – Body Esteem
  • Session 6 Thursday Nov 4th – Relationship & Support


binge eating recovery

Introductory Session

For any group or support programme, you will need to book an individual intro session with me first. You can book via the Calendly link here. Or, contact me if the time you want is unavailable. In your initial session, you can expect to receive support and will be encouraged to explore. You will gain some enlightenment and understanding of your eating, and how to start to tackle it. This will point you in the right direction.



Ongoing comfort, binge-eating or overeating Recovery Support Group Online

  • For 60 minutes on Wednesday evenings at 6pm
  • Every 3 weeks
  • Online using Zoom.

         Packages available


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