Shelley is a truly amazing therapist. Over the course of two and half years we explored some very difficult experiences from my life. Shelley was able to guide me through this, helping me to embed a sense of inner strength and to nurture my own ability to support and love myself. She built trust through non-judgement, creating a warm space where I could find my voice- both physically and metaphorically. It has been a fascinating journey to learn about and observe my own behaviours; to understand where those have come from and find more nurturing ways to cope with difficult emotions.
Shelley is incredibly perceptive and was able to gauge what I needed in any given moment; when to be gentle, when to laugh with me and when to offer insight.
I feel I have been sent back out into the world armed with tools to help me cope with life’s challenges. I can actually feel again and am a stronger, more whole version of myself.
I highly recommend Shelley on every level and thank her for the incredible work she does.