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Find Engaged Love

Love, dating, & relationship recovery programme

Calling in ‘the one’ programme

Love, dating, & relationship recovery programme

In the almost 30 years of my counselling practice, the thing that still moves me the most is the pain and despair of feeling alone and ‘different’. As someone who has come to terms with the pain of abandonment, rejection and loneliness, and found an engaged, loving life, I’ve attracted clients who feel despair that they may never find love.

You can now take a dynamic 8-week coaching programme, or work with me more in depth in psychotherapy, to recover from that wounding, and find meaningful connection and love


We work through

  • Understanding and letting go of loneliness, despair, or hopelessness
  • Learning what you want and need, instead of looking after everyone else
  • Boundaries and letting go of toxic relationships and harmful obsessions with people
  • Believing you are loveable
  • Learning to trust and find connection and engaged love

Work through what’s holding you back to find love


Find Love – How to get started

Contact me via the contact form here. I will then send you more information, to give you an idea of how I can help.


Want to suss me out?

You can check me out if you want to get a feel for working with me. I have numerous videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I also produce a podcast and Therapycat videos.

There can be surprising correlations between the experiences of loneliness, people pleasing, love addiction, codepency, toxic relationship, comfort food addiction and other harmful preoccupations. Ultimately, recovery is about self-respect and engagement. This is what you’ll find I talk about. This is the way to find love.


Ready for a brief chat?

Let me know your availability and how to contact you. I will call you, or arrange a time for us to talk.


Ready to start?

At the moment, all sessions will be online or by telephone. My in-person practice is in Totterdown in Bristol, and I work with people from all around the World online.  I am unlikely to go back to face-to-face until we are extremely safe from COVID-19. This website will be updated.

Book an introductory session. Everyone starts with an initial individual session with me. Here, you can expect to receive support and be encouraged to explore. You will gain some enlightenment and understanding of your relationship patterns, and how to start to tackle these. This will start to point you in the right direction.

From here we will decide whether you are more suited to the intensive 8-week programme, or process-oriented psychotherapy.

If you already know which one you are looking for, let me know from the start.

You can book via the Calendly form here. Or for my up-to-date availability, contact me. Please note that if you are looking for immediate regular sessions, there may be a waiting list.

Find Love – 8 Week love, dating, & relationship recovery programme

– Calling in ‘the one’ programme

1:1 sessions, or small, intimate, supportive group, to really talk about this, with people who get it.

This coaching programme is from the work of Katherine Woodward Thomas – ‘Calling in the One’.

Some people come to me because they’ve already been in therapy a long time. For you, this programme may be the right pitch of challenge and support. It’s a compassionate but dynamic programme. It requires you to be committed to taking responsibility for your contribution to the situation that you are in.

In the programme I will lead you through questions and exercises that help you understand, address your obstacles, and change your situation.



If you have an unresolved traumatic history, or consistent substance addiction, it is advisable to seek psychotherapy with a specialist before coming to the more structured programme.

If you choose to work in psychotherapy with me, our sessions will be more tailored to your individual needs. I am happy to work with you in psychotherapy if you need time to explore, express and be held emotionally. Sometimes you need to go deeper to heal from abandonment, and from feeling unlovable.


Group Programme online

This is the most popular way to take the programme. This is usually a small group of friendly people (mostly women usually), who bond and grow as much through each other, as with me and the course content. It is understood that this is intimidating for some, but, after the initial fear, it is usually an inspiring and touching experience. All genders are welcome. You will be asked if you are happy to work with a mixed group.

Limited places.

Intro sessions are being conducted now! The sooner you book, the sooner your group will run.


Ongoing Support

It is possible to arrange 1:1 sessions after your group programme completes.


Shelley Treacher BACP Accredited Psychotherapist

Certified ‘Calling in The one’ coach

Helping you really work through what’s holding you back, with people who get it.

Contact me to find out more

You can expect to hear from me personally. I will send you more information on how I can help you.

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