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Dating and Relationship Recovery Programme

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In the almost 30 years of my counselling practice, the thing that still moves me the most is working with the frustration and sadness of being single and alone, or feeling stuck in a loveless relationship.

As someone who has come to terms with the pain of abandonment and chronic relationship patterns, and now having found an engaged, loving life, I’ve attracted clients who feel despair that they may never find love.

– Shelley Treacher

You can now take a dynamic 8-week coaching programme

to recover from wounding,

to find meaningful connection,

and to take back your power

For people who long for connection



Maybe you:

  • Feel stuck in toxic patterns of behaviour, that make you miserable in relationships
  • Experience loneliness, hopelessness, or feel destined to be alone forever
  • Have shame, or a knot in your stomach for being ‘needy’
  • Bear a drained feeling from supporting everyone else.

In this 8 week programme, you will:

  • Understand and let go of loneliness, despair, or hopelessness
  • Learn what you want and need, instead of looking after everyone else; find ‘yourself’ again
  • Set boundaries and let go of toxic relationship patterns, harmful jealousies, and obsessions
  • Believe you are loveable, learn to trust, and find love again, even in a current relationship

This programme will help you find engaged love, whether single or in relationship.

How to trust me

You can watch my videos and listen to me talk, if you want to get a feel for working with me.

I also produce a podcast ‘Underground Confidence’

Recovery is about self-respect and engagement. This is what you’ll find I talk about. This is the way to find love. People come to me for this course for powerful gentleness, challenge, action and future focus.

Calling in ‘the one’ programme is

  • A small, intimate, supportive group, to really make progress with.
  • All genders are welcome.
  • Places are limited.

This is usually a small group of friendly people (mostly women usually), who bond and grow as much through talking with each other, as with me and the course content. It is understood that this is intimidating for some, but, after the initial fear, it is usually an inspiring, life-changing experience.

Many people come to me because they’ve already been in therapy a long time, but this is not a requirement.  It is a compassionate, dynamic programme, which requires you to be committed to taking responsibility for your contribution to the situation that you are in.

In the programme, I will lead you through questions and exercises that help you understand, address your obstacles, shift your situation, and move forward positively.

Ready to start?

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Everyone starts with an initial individual session with me. Here, you can expect to receive support and be encouraged to explore. You will gain some enlightenment and understanding of your relationship patterns, and how to start to tackle these. This will start to point you in the right direction.

People usually end this session feeling excited about what comes next!


If you have an unresolved traumatic history, or consistent substance addiction, it is advisable to seek psychotherapy with a specialist before coming to this more structured programme. Although we will work through the history that holds you back, this is not a psychotherapy group. It is a dynamic coaching programme.

Shelley Treacher, BACP Accred As seen in ‘The Independent’ & UK Publications 

Shelley is a body centred psychotherapist, and a certified practitioner of The ‘Calling in ‘The One’ coaching process. She works with adults individually and in groups, to help you open up to new possibilities, with conviction, from your body’s core.

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