Support for people who are frustrated with binge eating or overeating

 Are you a comfort eater? Listen to my introductory podcast for immediate help with your binge eating or overeating

Sick of diets? Tried everything?

Dieting is not an effective way to manage binge eating, overeating or comfort eating

  • Explore and understand your comfort eating or binge eating with support

  • Learn strategies to manage your overeating, and other ways to cope with how you feel

  • Gain self compassion, respect and ways to treat yourself better.

  • 1:1 sessions, or small, intimate, supportive group, to really talk about this, with people who get it.

  • Short or long term support

How to get started with managing your comfort or binge eating

Contact me via the contact form here. I will then send you more information, to give you an idea of how I can help.


Ready to talk

Book a short telephone call with me if you want to connect with me first, or have questions


Ready to start with managing your comfort eating, binge eating or overeating?

Book an assessment session. Everyone starts with an initial individual assessment session with me. Here, you can expect to receive support and be encourged to explore. You will gain some enlightenment and understanding of your eating, and how to start to tackle it. This will start to point you in the right direction.

You can work online with me individually, or in a group.

There is much to suggest that group work, bonding with your peers, and receiving that extra support, is the most effective way forward.


Individual 1:1

Introductory Assessment.

Some people like to work with more structure (take one of my programmes), some people need more time to talk and explore (psychotherapy). Both are possible here.

Currently, via internet call or telephone.

£56 for an hour.


The 5 week introductory ‘Understand your Overeating’ group programme online

This is the most popular way to take the introductory programme. This is usually a small group of friendly women, who bond and grow as much through each other, as with me and the course content. It is understood that this is intimidating for some, but, after the initial fear, it is usually an inspiring and touching experience.

Between 4 and 12 people.

A date is set for the next group to run online, as soon as there are 3 people ready to take it. If you’re interested in this, book your initial intro session. The sooner you book, the sooner your group will run. I usually have people waiting for the next one to start, so it may happen quickly!

The next online programme is gathering people. Register your interest now, before it fills! Limited places.

Currently the group programme is online using Zoom.

Intro session £56

Group programme £205/ Early Bird £185


Programme syllabus

For 90 minutes each week.

Week 1 – What is emotional eating

Week 2 – The past, self criticism, self soothing

Week 3 – Self Confidence

Week 4 – Body Esteem

Week 5 – Relationship & Support


Ongoing comfort or binge eating recovery support programmes

For people who have completed the 5 week intro programme, or who have had sessions with me.

Working in more depth with specific topics, such as  self confidence, managing feelings, self nurture, body esteem, relationship,  sex and intimacy, support, motivation, and empowerment for change.

  • Stand alone modules. These are for 90 minutes each week for 4 weeks.
  • Monthly support groups.

A lot of damage can be done in a short time, so I know it’s important to keep going with consistency and support.

Currently online using Zoom.


Videos and Writing

Binge eating and overeating


You can watch my videos, listen to my podcasts, and read my articles about comfort eating and how to manage it, here.

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Watch this video if you are struggling with comfort eating, binge eating or overeating:

This video is part of my quick tips series, which you can also find on my articles pages.

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