Understanding your emotional overeating Programme


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5 week introductory programme throughout the year, in Bristol

Are you sick of diets?

Are you using food to cope?

The ‘Understanding your Eating’ programme is designed for a wide range of people who are aware that their overeating is driven by emotions rather than by hunger.

This programme does not tell you what to eat or how much. We think you know that already. Instead it helps you to explore whether you are eating to deal with your feelings.

If you are comfort eating, this programme helps you to understand that, and gives you strategies to overcome this.

The programme does not offer dieting, nutrition, exercise advice, or products. It is based on the assumption that the vast majority of those who are overweight, or suffer from binge eating, know what it is that they should be doing. The problem lies in doing it, and in continuing to do it in the future.

Very many of us are soothing ourselves with food on a daily basis. Our culture provides us with more food than we know what to do with, and we have found out how to use it to comfort ourselves. Unfortunately that “comfort” turns out not to be so comforting after all, if we use it too much.

Do you want to have more self confidence?

‘Understanding Your Eating’ is a programme that has specific exercises to help you explore and understand your comfort eating. It gives you strategies to find a better way of coping.

In this programme you will think about how you use food, so that you can be better placed to choose how you use food in the future. You will learn to have much better ways of managing your feelings, and will be less tempted to use food to comfort yourself. You will become more confident, with better self esteem and a better body image. You will find that food becomes much less of an anxiety and no longer dominates your thinking.

Doing this course has the potential to really change your life.

I am a licensed practitioner of the ‘Understanding your Eating’ programme.  http://www.understandingyoureating.co.uk/index.html


Book an assessment session

Book an assessment session with me to work out your best way forward. From an assessment session, you can expect  to gain some enlightenment on understanding your eating, and how to start to tackle it. We can also talk about which way is best for you to proceed. If you have a traumatic history, it is advisable to seek psychotherapy with another specialist before coming to this programme.

**Next Introductory Programme coming in September! Register for an assessment session now!**

After an initial assessment session, your next step is to take the ‘Introduction’ to the ‘Understanding Your Eating’ programme.

The ‘Introduction’ consists of a series of 5 seminars, usually conducted weekly and lasting 90 minutes (60 minutes online).

These seminars will give you a good grounding in understanding your emotional eating, and starting to implement ways to overcome it.

The sessions are:

Seminar 1 – Eating is not just about hunger

Seminar 2 – Eating to manage feelings

Seminar 3 – Self esteem and how it helps you look after yourself better

Seminar 4 – Improving body esteem

Seminar 5 – Using people instead of food to get you through the day

The second part of the programme consists of 9 free standing modules. Each module consists of 4 weekly seminars lasting 90 minutes (60 minutes online). These may be taken separately and individually in any order, or all at once continuously.

Module 1 – Emotional Eating

Module 2 – Feelings

Module 3 – Motivation and Empowerment for Change

Module 4 – Food monitoring and choice

Module 5 – Activity

Module 6 – Self Nurture

Module 7 – Relationships

Module 8 – Self Esteem

Module 9 – Body Esteem

You can do any part of the programme in a group or in individual work with me. There is much to suggest that group work, bonding with your peers, and receiving that extra support, is the most effective way forward.

An introduction group has between 6 and 12 people; the further modules have between 6 and 8. Each group is psycho-educational and confidential.

I run the 5 week introductory programme throughout the year. The further modules run on demand, once the introductory course has been completed.

These are run in Southville on a Tuesday or Redland on a Thursday evening.

The cost of the modules are as follows:

5 week Introductory Programme £200/ Early Bird £175

Each of the 9 further modules £160/ Early Bird £140

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