Coronavirus Anxiety

When a crisis happens, all kinds of sensitivities can be triggered


If you’re feeling:

  • Stressed, anxious, or more sensitive than usual
  • Struggling with the changes
  • Restless with the uncertainty
  • Depressed with the isolation, or
  • Claustrophobic being so close to your family all day


Having one or more counselling psychotherapy sessions can help you to:


  • Feel more connected again
  • Calm your system, so that you can take each moment as it comes
  • Be clearer, kinder, and more confident
  • Manage relationships


Sessions taking place now by telephone, and online, via Zoom or Whereby

Whereby is free and easy to use. No downloads and no sign up. Easily accessed in any browser via my chat room link.


Single sessions are possible, to help you let off steam with someone who gets it, at this unusual and triggering time.

Or a series of sessions will help you to manage the situation more fully.

This may be the right time to slow down and pay attention to your wellbeing, at last.


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– 3 Specialist areas


  • Individual body centred psychotherapy

  • For anxiety, self confidence, loneliness, abandonment, feeling ‘needy’, codependency, relationship concerns, and binge eating.

  • ‘Understanding your Eating’ Programme

  • Programme for people who are frustrated with comfort eating, stress eating, bingeing, disordered eating, compulsive eating, or food addiction.

  • ‘Making Love a Reality’ Programme

  • A programme for single people who are feeling frustrated or hopeless in love, and want to understand and challenge toxic dating or relationship patterns.

Body centred psychotherapy


Is stress keeping you awake?

Life can be exhausting if you’ve lost your way. Most of us were never taught what to do when you feel anxious or down.

Therefore, psychotherapy helps you to:
  • Firstly, observe and understand yourself with compassion.

  • Then, rest, recover and feel calmer.

  • As a result, manage how you feel and have more self confidence.

  • Similarly, develop stability in your relationships and at work.

  • Finally, feel more able to recreate your life how you really want it.

Read ‘Things to come and see me about’

Understand your comfort, stress or binge eating


  • Explore and understand your eating, with support.

  • Learn strategies to manage your eating. Discover ways to cope with how you feel.

  • Consequently, gain self compassion, respect and ways to treat yourself better.

  • 1:1 sessions, or small, powerful, supportive group.

  • Really talk about this subject with people who get it.

  • Short or long term support.

Find out more about ‘Understanding your Eating’ here

Making Love a Reality


  • Understand and learn to stop repetitive relationship or dating patterns.
  • Challenge toxic attractions and obsessions.
  • As a result, create more supportive friendships and relationships.
  • Similarly, learn to have the loving relationship with yourself, that you want with another.
  • In conclusion, be more fulfilled and confident.
  • 1:1 sessions, or small, intimate, supportive group.
  • Talk with other people in the same boat.
  • 8 week programme or long term support.

Read more about the programme here

The basic work of health professionals, and of psychotherapists in particular, is to become full human beings and to inspire full human- beingness in other people who feel starved about their lives.

Chogyam Trungpa, Becoming A Full Human Being.

Short term counselling or psychotherapy in Bristol

Initially, some people come to counselling for brief periods to discuss a current concern. Although, it is important that you feel safe with me. So all clients start with an intial consultation session of 50 minutes to an hour. Then, the next step is to make a weekly short commitment. This is flexible; usually 4 to 6 weeks. Towards the end of this, we review what you need. We then decide whether to continue, or to have a final session.

Establishing trust

My first concern is to establish trust. Consequently, we work to understand what's happening for you. We then work on how to change it and build your resources.

Read more about counselling & psychotherapy with me here


Longer term psychotherapy in Bristol, and Body Centred Psychotherapy

It took a lifetime to build our habits and behaviours. As a result, some things take longer to understand and change. You may already know that you are looking for longer term psychotherapy. So, my clients have the opportunity to stay for longer periods to work more deeply and thoroughly. Consequently, this is the most effective way to really make fundamental changes. It takes time to develop how you relate with people, and to improve your confidence and mood, more permanently.

Find out more about Body Centred Psyhotherapy here

I have experience in working in counselling
and body centred psychotherapy, with the following:

  • Anxiety & fear, panic attacks
  • Stress, Depression and mood swings
  • Self confidence, feeling insecure, neediness or codependency
  • Boundaries/saying No/personal goals
  • Relationship issues, sexuality and intimacy
  • Affairs and betrayal
  • Divorce, separation
  • Dating Confidence, being single, attracting the wrong/ right partners
  • Family issues
  • Pregnancy, post natal depression and motherhood/fatherhood
  • Adoption
  • Abortion
  • Loss and grief
  • Conflict and Anger Management
  • Comfort eating, binge eating, disordered eating, over eating,
  • Self-harm
  • Repetitive behaviour and life patterns that you are not happy with
  • Culture and race issues
  • Creativity and inspiration issues
  • The lack of the above/ feeling stuck or unfocussed
  • Self expression
  • Fulfilling potential and personal vitality
  • Understanding and integrating difficult alternative health treatment responses. Such as, accupuncture, homeopathy, cranio sacral, shamanic practice, etc.
  • Physical tension, illness, disease and pain
  • ME

I genuinely can’t believe how powerful the UyE Programme has been.  I had a light bulb moment during every session.  This is the first 6 weeks in my life that I haven’t binged!


Shelley brought together a group of strangers who became genuinely close companions during our sessions. I was reminded of how powerful women can be when they work together – sisters can conquer anything!


Shelley gave me the support I’d needed for a very, very long time. I also got a deeper insight into how I deal with things and how to do things differently. I learnt to appreciate my strengths and what I already do well…I learnt how to look after myself better…It helped me adapt to a very limited life (due to disability).


The time I had in counselling with Shelley was useful in exploring problems and starting to develop coping strategies.


With Shelley I had an open comfortable environment in which I could explore the events and habits of old. This enabled me to challenge myself and my behaviours. It helped to support my state of mind through a very difficult time in my life.


I’m amazed at how I can be in such a different place now to where I was just a few weeks ago before working with Shelley


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Are you a comfort eater?