The Binge-Eating SolutionThe Binge-Eating Solution

Thanks so much for your interest in The Binge Eating Solution.

I’d love you to join us. All the details are below (rather than designing a sophisticated website, I’ve put everything together on this simple page).


I’m working closely with a small group of people to help them release binge-eating, and learn how to manage their emotions, without overeating.

The outcome of the programme is simple: Over 6 months, drastically reduce emotional eating, without starving or going crazy with cravings.

I named my company ‘Underground Confidence’ because the secret to reducing emotional eating is building your confidence and becoming more comfortable in your own skin.

In this programme, we will help you solve the three main problems that drive you to the snack cupboard every time something stresses you out.


Problem 1: It’s so quick, easy & habitual to turn to food

When you’re stressed, lonely, bored, or tired (or even when you’re not!) eating is the easiest go-to. It instantly makes you feel better. The way the brain works means that this quickly becomes a habit that’s hard to break. It’s difficult to imagine stopping because it’s so satisfying. You think that resisting food is pointless because the cravings will only get worse if you do. So you think that you might as well give in.

Afterwards, you feel shame and self-disgust. But you have no idea how to break the habit. Hearing someone say “Just stop eating and exercise” can make you feel frustrated and annoyed. You ARE frustrated with yourself. But you assume you must not have enough willpower.


The Answer: Learn about what’s going on in your brain, and study how it’s possible to make a different choice

  1. These feelings are the signs of a compulsion. Whatever your craving is, it tends to play out in the same way as any other craving. How you talk yourself into eating or out of exercise is similar to how someone talks themselves into drinking booze every day, spending all their money on clothes shopping, or hoarding china cats! I will teach you about the structure of addiction, how cravings work and how habits are formed.
  2. Traditional methods of self-control are outdated and exhausting. You’ll learn how to break the structure of addiction and how to develop real willpower. This is how:
  3. First, you will recognise when you are making the easy choice, otherwise, your brain will always default to doing this. Contrary to popular belief, focusing on the problem will NOT make the problem worse.  If you’ve ever got excited about starting a diet, and then failed, it might be partly because you didn’t understand what would lead you to fail.
  4. Next, you will discover what drove you to the snack cupboard. So that you can catch yourself much earlier in the process. This includes anything from tiredness, conflict, or self-criticism, to being influenced by someone eating pizza on TV, or your history, and much more.
  5. After this, you will start waking up to the fact that eating for comfort doesn’t help with the problem that prompts you to eat. It just feeds the habit. Satisfying a craving usually relieves stress of some kind. But doesn’t address it. It is looking outside yourself for a solution. But we are going to find your internal remedy.
  6. Ancestrally, we developed a craving for sweets and fat to survive. We still have this part of our brains. But we can use the modern part of our brain to control any impulses. The solution lies in developing this part and taking advantage, not taking control of these impulses. (For example, associating pain with craving).
  7. You will also train your body to shift state when it feels stressed/ craves food (more on this in Problem 3)

The result: You’ll take control of your impulses.


Problem 2: You’ve tried other ways to quit & you doubt that anything can help.

Feeling stuck and hopeless can be a problem for people who are tired of diets and counting calories. You’ve tried restricting, and perhaps even been successful for a time. But you always return to the comfort of food. You feel completely out of control of this situation and feel cynical about offers of help.

Before you comfort eat, you have voices in your head that may say something like:

“I’ve had a hard day, I deserve (or) need this”

“Sod it. I don’t care.” 

But I also know that you do care.


The Answer: Challenge the stories that lead you to the snack cupboard

  1. Address how and why you eat for comfort in the first place, rather than papering over the cracks.
  2. Make room for your resistance to change. Resistance can come in the form of excuses, feeling overwhelmed, fears, anxiety, and worry. We’ll talk about your resistance first, then we’ll challenge the stories you tell yourself. Every important change requires exploring something difficult. We will make room for this experience (See Problem 3 for how to make this easier)
  3. Your self-criticism is overactive. You may be someone who gives yourself a hard time and doesn’t believe you can succeed. We will challenge this self-talk.
  4. Find the reason you want to stop emotional eating. The problem is not that you want the cake. The problem is that you don’t want to feel sadness, emotional pain, anxiety, anger, or discomfort. You want to feel good. So we will maximise your potential to feel good without junk food. This will hook you into your reason for walking away from the cake tin.
  5. We are here as a community to support each other. When you raise your hand and talk about resistance, you’ll get a ton of support and encouragement here.

The result: You will understand why you eat for comfort, your resistance to change, and how to overcome these.


Problem 3: It’s scary to think of losing your crutch

Sometimes resistance shows up as being scared to bring up emotion. You may also beat yourself up for having feelings (amongst other things you give yourself a hard time for). You may be afraid that you won’t cope with emotion and may dread feelings coming up, along with bad memories. Maybe you fear that these feelings will never go away.

All of this can lead to comfort eating.


The Answer: Stop being scared of your feelings.

  1. I’ll explain how your nervous system and experiences affect your eating. I’ll teach you easy techniques to regulate your nervous system and control your emotions.
  2. I will help you handle feelings and challenges step by step, using my recovery systems.
  3. You’ll learn to create pauses between your triggers and your emotional responses.
  4. Once you learn how to handle emotions, you will realise they are not as scary as you think, and in fact, are useful indicators of what you need.
  5. You’ll start to value your feelings in a way that has never been done before. It’s about you, which is something many comfort eaters rarely give themselves time for.
  6. As you gain confidence in this development, you will choose not to turn to food for comfort. You will process how you feel and what you need instead, with compassion. This is usually the thing that has been missing for most programme members, perhaps since childhood.

The result: You will learn self-kindness, understanding, and to express yourself. This will improve all of your relationships, work and home life, as well as fundamentally shift your eating.


The final result 

You will learn to treat yourself better. This programme focuses on understanding yourself and why you seek comfort, learning how to change habits, and developing self-control in a way that will excite you rather than feel like a chore. By the time you’ve done this programme, you’ll have new insight into your challenges and a new set of strategies to support you.



Here’s how you and I will work together to achieve this goal



We’ll partner for 6 nurturing months. You’ll progress through the Binge-Eating Solution learning pathway of 6 modules. You will learn through videos and audio lessons that are 5–15 minutes long. You can watch these lessons whenever you want. The lessons will help you make progress in small steps. As you go through the programme, you will reach important milestones and get feedback.

Within the first six weeks, you will understand and challenge your eating (faster is possible. But we all know real deep growth takes time). Our goal in six months is for you to have the skills to stop turning to the fridge for comfort and to feel more confident in your life.



We will have a group video call on Zoom almost every week (on Tuesday afternoons), except for a few holidays. During these calls, you can ask for support with anything you need help with.



During our 6-month partnership, you’ll be a part of the programme’s Comfort Eating Recovery Community on Passion (the course platform). You’ll be surrounded by wonderful women, all recovering from emotional eating. This community is caring and supportive.


The Requirements

  • You have tried different ways to control your eating before.
  • You know that your emotions affect your eating.
  • You feel frustrated with yourself for eating too much or eating uncontrollably.
  • However, you are scared of giving up the food that makes you feel comfortable.
  • You keep these worries to yourself because you don’t have anyone to talk to about it.
  • You want to stop being so focused on food.
  • You are committed to making long-term changes and want to get to know yourself better.
  • You are willing to take the steps I recommend.


We have certain guidelines to make sure our group helps people grow and heal. If you’re not sure if your eating is tied to your emotions, send me a message with the word “foundations”’ and I’ll make some recommendations.



If you know your binge-eating is caused by deep-seated trauma you may wish to seek extra help. While processing emotional difficulty is encouraged and handled with expert care in the group, it is also possible to combine this programme with 1:1 psychotherapy with me. This is the ultimate healing package. Ask me for details, or read about therapy here.


To join the 6-Month Comfort Eating Recovery Programme

If we haven’t talked yet, schedule a 30-minute Introductory session. This will help us determine if the programme is right for you, and it’s also a good opportunity for you to discuss your situation and what you need.

Schedule your call here

Much warmth,




Before you join the programme, we’ll have a one-on-one conversation to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

We also have a ‘Love It or Leave It’ Guarantee. Our goal is for you to love the program and stay for the full 6 months. But if you join and feel it’s not the right fit, you can leave within the first month without any hard feelings. After that, you’re committed for 6 months.

I only want people in the programme who are dedicated, genuinely interested, and putting in the effort. With that, we can make significant changes to your eating habits and how you feel about yourself.


Contact Shelley here to discuss how The Binge-Eating Solution can help you.