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To make therapy tips accessible to more people, I hand over the tips to my cat, Mia, for a while!

Short videos featuring Therapycat

Utilising the sensitivity, calm, healing and joy that cats bring, with a serious human message.

Helping people with anxiety, loneliness, binge eating, and love & relationship concerns, to feel better.


Introduction to Therapycat short videos



Pandemic feelings of anxiety

A short video encouraging you to give yourself permission for how you feel during these strange and bewildering times.




Body Image

A short video about why how we talk to our bodies matters.




Self Respect

A short video about what we value people for, featuring Mia, Therapycat.


Self worth

In this video you’re encourged to believe that you deserve a good life.




Comfort Eating – How to recognise it

Some questions to help you identify whether your eating is caused by emotional discomfort.




7 Things that make you feel better

Some of these are so easy, take seconds, and just might shift you out of the depths.


You can find the rest of Mia’s weekly videos here



Click here for quick tips (minus the cat!) on how to manage comfort eating




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