Alongside presenting the podcast Overeating and binge eating recovery Shelley regularly writes for counselling publications. She specialises in content around overcoming comfort eating and finding engaged love.

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‘Better after 50’

menopause mood swings

A story about mood swings. It’s not you, it’s the menopause

It wasn’t until I was having an anxiety attack in Asda, over a box of ferrero rocher, that I realised something was wrong.

If you get sudden unexplained bursts of emotion; anxiety, fear, worry, grief, sadness, tears, irritability or anger, this article might help.


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Post Covid-19 stress

Now that we’re starting to mix again, we’ve got a lot to recover from.
Read my latest article with tips on how to cope.






Wondering how to stop COVID-19 binge-eating/drinking/shopping?

“First I just started picking when I was bored. Now I can’t go 20 minutes without getting something from the fridge or cupboard!” – This is something a client said recently.

When the news of the pandemic dawned, we locked ourselves at home, and turned to all of our traditional comforts; food, television, booze, net surfing, and online shopping, to name the big ones.



leaving lockdown nervesFeeling wobbly about leaving lockdown?

“I’m starting to get anxious about being around lots of people, going back to the office and having to use public transport.”

When I posted my TikTok about being nervous of coming out of lockdown, there were lots of likes for this comment. It was a popular subject.




Covid-19 on Valentine's Day

Coping with Valentine’s Day: loneliness in COVID-19 lockdown

How to feel less lonely and more empowered on Valentine’s Day during Covid-19 lockdown. This article is about ‘loving too much’, and how to find love for you.

“Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.”

– A.A. Milne ‘The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’


Are you a comfort eater?

Some questions that will help you start to answer what binge-eating, overeating or comfort eating is for you.




Blame. Binge. Shame. Repeat. Part 1- The self-critic

In my work with overeating, what I see the most, is people who are really hard on themselves. This is one of the main reasons that people overeat. So in this article I’m going to talk about how self-criticism goes hand in hand with comfort eating and binge-eating. I’ll show you ways to understand this for yourself, and to begin the journey of stopping giving yourself such a hard time. Because that really is what’s needed to stop overeating.


Blame. Binge. Shame. Repeat. Part 2: The inner child

In this part of the series, we will travel deeper into understanding more about what’s behind your overeating.




Blame. Binge. Shame. Repeat. Part 3: Self-nurture

In this section of the series, I talk about a part of you that needs to be learned, practised and developed, to manage the feelings of the ‘inner child’.




covid fatigueBlame. Binge. Shame. Repeat. Part-3. COVID-19 Fatigue and stopping eating

In this final part of this four-part series, I’ll pull together some things from the rest of the series to address how we all might be feeling at the moment, and ways to stop overeating.




eat too much covid

Coping with Covid-19 comfort eating

Since the lockdown began I’ve seen posts every single day about how we’re eating too much.

Mostly people are saying this with humour; people are still trying to make
jokes out of it. But for a section of the population the posts are not really that funny. There’s a huge amount of shame involved in overeating, if you’re in the habit of it. So, it’s for those people that I’m writing this article…