Understand and manage comfort and binge eating – Short article series

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managing comfort and binge eating short video series

Shelley Treacher BACP Accred

‘Managing comfort and binge eating – Short article series’ is an ever-increasing library of articles & video, where I speak about understanding and managing comfort and binge eating, overeating, stress eating or food obsession. Here are all of my articles, in one place, for your convenience.


Start with this one! Are you a comfort eater?

The way to start managing comfort and binge eating, is to begin to understand what comfort eating actually is. Here, I’m asking ‘Are you a comfort eater?’ I’m going to share with you some questions that’ll help you start to understand why it’s hard to stop yourself eating. And it is hard!

Are you a comfort eater? Find out here


Why diets don’t work

There are so many different reasons why losing weight may not just be a matter of willpower. In this article I’ll describe some of the reasons. Thereby, exploding the myth that just saying ‘no’ to overeating, is enough. I’m also encouraging you to give yourself less of a hard time for not being able to just stop eating.

Why it’s so hard to lose weight


Do you give yourself a hard time?

In my work with binge eating, what I see most, is people who are really hard on themselves.
This is one of the main reasons that people over eat.

So, here I’m going to talk about how to stop giving yourself such a hard time, without asking you to stop bingeing.

Overeating and self criticism


Managing habitual comfort and binge eating

In this newsletter I’m going to show you one way to start thinking about your eating differently. Practice this for a couple of months and your binge eating and emotional overeating behaviour will change.

Overcome habitual comfort eating


Managing binge eating and mindfulness

Mindfulness is becoming a buzzword in our culture. Today I’m going to write about how mindfulness can be used to manage binge eating, and as a preparation for helping to learn how to manage feelings a different way.

Binge eating and mindfulness


Manging comfort and binge eating with self soothing

Self soothing is something the comfort eater may need some help learning. So here I have 13 strategies you can try.

Self soothing strategies


Steps to steady weight loss for emotional eaters

Here, I’ll give you a broad overview of the steps to reduce comfort eating, and to weight loss:

How comfort eaters can lose weight steadily


Managing and changing comfort eating

Similar to the above article, here I explain more of what it takes to understand, manage and change comfort and binge eating.

What it takes to manage comfort eating


Is overeating just a habit?

Here I write about how binge eating IS a habit. But also that there is much more to it…

Is overeating just a habit?


Surviving Christmas family dynamics and overeating

Here I write about surviving family dynamics at Christmas, being single or alone at Christmas, & Christmas overeating



Managing comfort and binge eating – short video series

My managing comfort and binge eating short video series is an ever-increasing library of videos, where I speak about managing binge, overeating, stress or comfort eating. Here they are, all in one place, for your convenience.

Managing comfort or binge eating – short video series



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Coping with Covid overeating

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