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managing comfort and binge eating short video series

Shelley Treacher BACP Accred

My videos on managing overeating or binge eating help you to understand, and work towards naturally choosing to stop overeating and binge eating

Video 1 – Are you an overeater, comfort eater, or binge eater?

Questions to help you start to explore and understand why it’s hard to stop yourself eating. Learn how to manage overeating, comfort, stress and binge eating, through understanding and self respect.  For more, fill out my questionnaire ‘Are you a comfort eater, stress eater, or binge eater?’:



Video 2 – Do you give yourself a hard time? Managing overeating and self-criticism

Here I’ll show you the link between self criticism and binge eating, and how you can start to overcome it by killing it with kindness!


Video 3 – How I coped with Coronavirus anxiety, isolation, and overeating

Here I talk honestly about how I was coping in the first 2 weeks of lockdown, with Coronavirus anxiety,  isolation, and overeating.

I hope to help you, through my honesty, and coping strategies.



Video 4 – Coping with Covid-19 isolation – Manage Overeating and Binge Eating

Here, I talk about what’s behind Covid-19 overeating, and how to start to understand, and change it. This video is for you if you feel bad about your eating.




Video 5 – How to resist a binge urge

How to take the edge off a binge urge. This is how I do it. There are many aspects to recovery. This is one. If this video doesn’t speak to you, you may benefit more from starting at the top of this video series.




Video 6 – Improve how you feel about your body

In this video I will show you how to start improving your body esteem

Video 7 – Naming feelings.

Being able to identify and express the feelings that cause us to overeat,  is so important to recovery. Here I talk about how my group are starting to treat themselves better by circumnavigating the urge to eat, with self understanding.



Overeating in the evening

Are you uncomfortable with how much you overeat/ drink/ net surf at a certain time of day? This video helps you start to understand what’s going on, and to shift your thinking around it. I lead you through a 4 step process to help you understand and reduce your eating.


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Shelley Treacher MA BACP Accred. Working on a daily basis with binge eating and over eating with adults, both individually and in groups. Helping you beyond what’s holding you back.

Manage overeating and binge eating

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