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Two Support Groups

  • Meet with people in the same boat
  • To share what’s going on for you
  • In a facilitated & managed, supportive  group
  • During Covid 19 social isolation


Covid 19 Support Groups cost £10

On Zoom

for 1 hour weekly



Covid 19 Support Group 1 – Support for loneliness

This is for people who are isolating completely alone


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Covid 19 Support Group 2 – Support for people frustrated with overeating


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Taking care of your mental health in Covid 19 isolation

Working with clients online over the past few weeks, since the Corona Virus hit the UK, there’s one thing I’ve noticed above all.  In the words of one client:

”Talking gave me permission to understand what I’m feeling

As one writer put it, we went from 60 to 0, in just a few days. Consequently, this has had an emotional effect on all of us, in one way or another.

From feeling uncertain and under threat, as is normal for our species, most of us went into fight or flight.

As a result, some people went into massive productivity, with exercise, new hobbies, and creating ways to help. Some people went into freeze, quiet and needing space. Others felt emotional, sensitive, tearful, frightened. Some welcomed the chance to slow down. Some went into denial. And some of us exerienced all of these at a rapid rate.

How you feel is not necessarily how another person feels. Similarly, how one person copes isn’t right for everyone. All of these responses are human, normal and vallid.

For those who are struggling in any way at the moment, the first thing I’m noticing that’s really helping, is acknowledging, giving permission to, and expressing, how we actually feel, in Corona Virus related loneliness. Preferably to someone who can remain impartial. Therefore, this is a good time to choose to be someone who cares how you feel.

  • Give yourself time to adjust. Don’t be surprised if you’re more tired than usual, need more space, or are more tetchy or compulsive than usual.
  • Handle one thing at a time. Moment to moment. Bit by bit. Day by day.
  • You’ll go through what you go through. We all will. You will still be who you are.
  • Notice self criticism or ‘shoulds’ (I should be working harder, I should be making the most of this time, I should speak to all my friends on Whatsapp, I should be ok…)


Corona Virus related loneliness & compulsive behaviours

Many of my clients in solo isolation are missing touch and feeling disconnected. However, you may also be feeling this, even in a room full of family. This is a time when we may be triggered into our deepest worries, our most familiar wounds, our most painful patterns, and our compulsive behaviours. The hoarding that went on is a prime example of this. You might find that your usual obsessions are ramped up at the moment.

I’m here for you to talk to.



Shelley Treacher MA BACP Accred.

I am an experienced and well qualified counsellor and psychotherapist.

Helping you really work through what’s holding you back, with people who get it.


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