Counselling and psychotherapy for common areas of concern

Here are some of the things that people often come and see me about. I work with these things on a daily basis.






Underground Confidence, with Shelley Treacher, MA BACP Accred.

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Self confidence

This is probably the most common subject of therapy, whether this is the reason for the initial contact or not. Lack of self confidence is something that a lot of people will experience regularly, and another thing to come and see me about.

Self esteem is all about how much we actually like ourselves

Low self confidence manifests in self doubt, criticism, loneliness, shame, suppressed feelings, and sometimes compulsive bahaviours. The template for this is often laid out by the way our parents related (which would also have been learnt from their primary care givers). So psychotherapy is about understanding this effect on you. You can learn a new way of thinking about yourself which can make you happier.

It is important that you know that this is not about blaming your parents

It is more about you.  Paying attention to, valuing and caring for you, may be the very thing that you need in order to move on . This may be uncomfortable. There is the safety and space to gently work through this here.


Comfort Eating Recovery

Because I have expertise in this field, this is one of the most popular reasons to seek out my support. This is my Comfort Eating Recovery app, where you can:


– Take back control of your eating

– Release fear, judgement & frustration

– Without dieting

– In the company of people who understand you


Take a mini course, sign up for a programme, or join our community.

Are You An Emotional Eater Introductory Programme

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Many people experience anxiety on a daily basis. So it is one of the most common things to come and see me about. Left unattended, anxiety can lead to fatigue, depression or health problems. Counselling for anxiety is about exploring what lies beneath the anxiety. Then learning techniques to cope with this experience. My training in body centred psychotherapy is particularly useful. Here you can learn self soothing, and ways to manage and understand anxiety.

Click here for a calming audio (scroll half way down page, you can’t miss it!)


Feeling low

What ‘depression’ means to me is literally a depression of feelings. This may mean you have experienced many different overwhelming emotions that have been squashed. So, you may have given up. Or it may mean feeling very down. Either way, therapy would involve exploring and understanding the depression and its causes. Here we discover what it is you really want. We uncover what is blocking you from having what you want, with a view to change and finding a way to feel happier.




I also have expertise in this area. So this is another thing that people tend to come and see me about. I work with people who are not currently in relationship, and who feel hopeless about love. Loneliness is known to be one of the biggest problems in our society (whether in relationship or not). A huge number of people are single and wish they weren’t. Lots of people feel they only meet the ‘wrong’ type of potential partner, and feel stuck and hopeless about this ever changing. Many people feel used, rejected, and hurt.  Therapy is about understanding this pattern, and learning new ways of approaching relationship, self esteem and confidence.

I offer two ways of approaching this
  • Psychotherapy will focus more on unfolding and processing your past, and any belief systems created through earlier relationship disruptions or experience.
  • My 7 week love, dating & relationship recovery coaching programme is more future focussed. This is for people who prefer more structure, and for people who are abit tired of therapy!

It is possible to have a mix of both with me. Book an initial session to work out which way to go.



Wanting to improve a primary relationship is also a popular reason people come to see me. Often clients come to therapy when they are at crisis point in their current relationship. Betrayal, affairs and separation are common issues for us to talk about. Relationship building is fundamental to our lives yet it is something we are not taught well about. Understanding the patterns, roles and dynamics that exist between you and your partner can help. These are often repeated for generations and can be changed.

Mindfulness and presence are the key to a successful relationship and sex life

Backed up emotions that have been squashed or unexpressed can lead to difficulties in being mindful, self aware, present or able to give and receive love. In therapy all of this will be navigated to help you feel more empowered, open and ready for intimacy, leading to a more satisfying, authentic connection, and life.



Family issues

Do you dread Christmas or occasions with your family or inlaws?

You are not alone.

Christmas is often an extremely stressful time for people who feel restricted in their families. Many clients come to therapy to talk about this. Often we work on understanding family relationships and having the confidence to set boundaries for yourself. Ultimately we focus on finding a way to be happier within yourself, amongst your family, and in any social setting or gathering of people.

Here’s a link to my article on surviving Christmas


Feeling stuck

“I had the feeling that therapy was good for my writing very early on.” – Filmmaker Agnes Jaoui

Therapy for ‘stuckness’ begins with self awareness. This can help any of us to be more authentic, aware or alive. It can also help us to understand other people. All of this can be valuable for anyone, and particularly for enhancing creative expression and life potential.

“Acting is telling a story, and you’re part of telling that story… in some ways therapy helps more than acting class.  You realize why you operate in certain ways.” – Heather Graham, ‘Psych Central.’

Therapy helps you to be clear about what it is that’s holding you back from your desire, instincts and inspiration

It helps you to find what you might need to explore in yourself in order to move on. Fear and self sabotage may be what is keeping you stuck. We will gently face this together.