Coping with Covid Isolation Short video series

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Coping with Covid-19 Isolation

Shelley Treacher BACP Accred

For the first few weeks of Covid-19 lockdown in England, I produced a video each week, and one mindfulness audio. These are videos of support, with helpful tips,  about coping  with the anxiety,  loneliness and overeating, experienced during isolation.

Video 1 – Coping with Covid-19 isolation – Comfort eating

My honest, raw, off the cuff video on how I coped during the Coronavirus outbreak. Filmed, during week 2 of lockdown. I particularly talk about coping with the urge to comfort eat.




Video 2 – Coping with Covid-19 isolation – Loneliness and introversion

This video speaks to the introvert. How to feel more peace with being alone.




Video 3 – Coping with Covid-19 isolation – Are you too insular?

It’s OK to be enjoying the peace and lack of demands from people, during Covid-19 isolation. It’s also normal to feel anxious, despondent, tired, sad, or depressed right now. Sometimes when we are used to doing everything for ourselves, it can be hard to recognise when we need to reach out to someone. If you’re finding it at all hard to function, talk to someone.



Video 4 – Coping with Covid-19 isolation – Anxiety, tiredness, sadness, irritation; fight or flight

In this video I talk about how we might be in fight or flight, without realising it. If you’re feeling sensitive, irritable, sad, tired, lethargic, confused, or overactive, this vid is for you.




Video 5 – Coping with Covid-19 isolation- Loneliness. Socially isolating alone

This video is particularly for people who are struggling with being completely alone.





Video 6 – Overeating

Here, I talk about what’s behind Covid overeating, and how to start to understand, and change it. This video is for you if you feel bad about your eating.





Audio 1 –  Mindfulness Audio for isolation, loneliness, being single, living alone

Apparently, the brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination. So, here, I guide you through feeling love. This audio will help you feel calm and more connected.




Video series on comfort and binge eating

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