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In reaction to Boris’ war on obesity, I’m producing quick comfort eating recovery tips in video, every working week day.

Understanding and managing the emotional and psychological side of comfort eating is very much overlooked.

Please share this series, or any of these videos, to reach anyone who might need some support. Your comments and questions are also very much encouraged. I love to respond to questions, and will respond to all. I guarantee you’ll be helping others out with this too!


Comfort eating recovery tips

Shelley Treacher MBACP(Accred)

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Quick Tips Introduction – Comfort Eating Recovery Tips



Tip 1 – Comfort Eating Recovery – What is comfort eating?

In this video I’ll explain what comfort eating is and what it means. Stay tuned for some good questions to help you explore and understand your eating.

Tip 2 – Comfort Eating Recovery – What happens if you resist a binge urge?

In this video I start to tackle the most common question I receive: “But, HOW can I stop myself from eating?” When I ask what happens when people try to resist a binge urge, most people declare that they would be left thinking about food constantly and obsessively, until they give in to the urge. This needs to be challenged and worked with, to be overcome.
Here’s the other video mentioned in this video, ‘How to resist a binge urge’:



Tip 3 – Comfort Eating Recovery – What habits do you have around food?

Today I start to explore the habit of overeating. What associations do you have with eating junk food? Gotta have a pudding after a meal? Can’t pass the shop counter without buying a chocolate bar? Sweets in the car? TV time is for snacking? Let me know yours…



Tip 4 – Comfort Eating Recovery – Self criticism and comfort eating.

Do you give yourself a hard time? Guaranteed it leads to comfort eating. Watch this video to start understanding how you really are your own worst enemy, and that this has to stop if you want to change your eating…



Tip 5 – Comfort Eating Recovery  – The child

In this video you’ll start to see that the urge to comfort eat is dictated by our inner child. We need to learn to look after that inner child as if it were our real child. Here I’ll show you how to start the communication.



Tip 6 – Comfort Eating Recovery – The ‘Adult’ part of our brains

There’s a wise part of our brains that knows how to do what’s best for us. This video introduces the idea that this is a skill and practice that can be learnt. The ‘critic’, ‘child’ and ‘adult’ parts of us (and indeed many other parts) are literally in different parts of our brain. So we need to learn how to switch from one part to another, with deliberate practice.



Quick Tips Week 2 – Comfort Eating Recovery – Live Summary and Q&A

Here I go over what I talked about this week in the tips, live on Facebook. I explain how comfort eating is affected by how we talk to ourselves. I also respond to questions or comments from this week.

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Tip 7 – Comfort Eating Recovery – Comfort without food

In this video I’ll start to explain the different ways you can manage how you feel, instead of using food.

Gepostet von Shelley Treacher, body psychotherapy, binge eating, & love programmes am Freitag, 4. September 2020

Gepostet von Shelley Treacher, body psychotherapy, binge eating, & love programmes am Freitag, 4. September 2020

Tip 8 – Comfort Eating Recovery –  Mindfulness

Once it’s established that it’s emotion causing comfort eating, we need to know how to manage emotion in a different way. Practicing mindfulness is easier than you think! Focussing the mind on calm and compassion can help us to shift out of difficult emotional states. This video challenges you to try it.




Tip 9 – Comfort Eating Recovery Quick Tips – A self soothing exercise

In this video I share with you a simple way to soothe your state of mind. The trick with this is to embody the feeling.


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Comfort eating recovery tips

Shelley Treacher MBACP(Accred)

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