Are you a binge comfort eater?

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Today I’m asking ‘Are you an emotional eater?’
I’m going to share with you some questions that’ll help you start to understand why it’s hard to stop yourself eating. And it is hard!

This will start to open up a new way of dealing with and stopping the habit, naturally for you.

To start with, ask yourself when is it that you over eat?
Is it late at night?
When you’re alone?
Is it when you’re bored, stressed or tired?
Or is it to ‘treat’ yourself?

Think of a recent time when you ate more than you wanted to…

What was happening just before?
What thoughts were you having?

Was it some version of ‘I don’t care’
‘I hate my life’
‘Nobody cares’
‘I’ll be fat anyway’
‘Might as well eat it now because it’s there and I’ll eat at some point’

Or is it ‘I deserve it’
or, ‘it will make me feel better’?
Even though you know it won’t in the long run?

Having answered these questions, is it possible that your eating might be in response to some emotion?

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