Understand & Manage comfort,  stress, binge, or disordered eating

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Do you experience any of the following?

  • Hiding your eating
  • Thinking ‘I don’t care!’ just before stuffing
  • Eating quickly without really noticing it
  • Feeling shame, self disgust, frustration or anger with yourself
  • You can’t stop yourself eating
Dieting alone is not effective for the emotional eater

The ‘Understanding your Eating’ programme is the most effective way to take you from stress eating to:

  • Being able to manage your eating, naturally
  • Exploring and understanding your eating, with peer support
  • Learning strategies to understand yourself nd make happier choices
  • Gaining self compassion, respect and the strength to go for what you really want in life
  • Without giving up your favourite treats

This programme will help you feel better about yourself so that you can treat yourself better

Shelley Treacher MA BACP Accred. I am a body centred psychotherapist, working with adults individually and in groups, to help you overcome the things that hold you back, through self confidence.

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