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Shelley Treacher online telephone counselling body centred psychotherapyShelley Treacher is a body centred psychotherapist, and a certified specialist in binge & overeating recovery. She is BACP accredited, with a Master’s Degree in Somatic Counselling Psychology. She is also a certified coach, specialising in love addiction, codependency & moving on from tough dating and relationship experiences.

Shelley produces the fortnightly podcast ‘Overeating and Binge Eating Recovery’, weekly ‘Therapycat’ videos, and has published several articles about anxiety, binge-eating and loneliness.

Shelley’s upcoming book is about how to overcome comfort eating. She runs several groups a year, with people all over the World. She supports people through the process of understanding and reducing binge-eating, and in overcoming loneliness.

For more information: www.bristolcounselling.co.uk


Are you a comfort eater?

Some questions that will help you start to answer what binge-eating, overeating or comfort eating is for you.




Blame. Binge. Shame. Repeat – part 1- The self-critic

In my work with overeating, what I see the most, is people who are really hard on themselves. This is one of the main reasons that people overeat. So in this article I’m going to talk about how self-criticism goes hand in hand with comfort eating and binge-eating. I’ll show you ways to understand this for yourself, and to begin the journey of stopping giving yourself such a hard time. Because that really is what’s needed to stop overeating.


Blame. Binge. Shame. Repeat. Part 2: The inner child

In this part of the series, we will travel deeper into understanding more about what’s behind your overeating.



Blame. Binge. Shame. Repeat. Part 3: Self-nurture

In this section of the series, I talk about a part of you that needs to be learned, practised and developed, in order to manage the feelings of the ‘inner child’.




covid fatigueBlame. Binge. Shame. Repeat. COVID-19 Fatigue and stopping eating

In this final part of this four-part series, I’ll pull together some things from the rest of the series to address how we all might be feeling at the moment, and ways to stop overeating.




How to stop emotional eating in 2021

Another diet is not how to lose weight in January 2021.



It’s not you, it’s the Menopause! A story about mood swingsmenopause mood swings

 A bittersweet story about mood swings, and coping with them.