Stop feeling hopeless in love

‘Making Love a Reality’ Programme

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If you’ve been experiencing:

  • A hole or knot in your stomach, through isolation
  • Reaching a certain age and feeling the sting of ‘still’ being single
  • Thinking that you’re destined to be alone forever
  • Shame for being ‘needy,‘ or obsessing over people
  • Feeling drained from supporting everyone else

This 7 week programme is an extremely effective way of taking you from hopelessness and despair to knowing how to:

  • Stop toxic relationship patterns, attractions and obsessions, for good
  • Become more emotionally available for loving relationship yourself. Learn how to recognise other people who are emotionally available. And be attracted to them
  • Create more supportive friendships and relationships
  • Feel more fulfilled and confident

This programme will help you to turn your love life around completely


Shelley Treacher MA BACP Accred. I am a body centred psychotherapist, and a certified practitioner of The ‘Calling in ‘The One’ coaching process. I work with adults individually and in groups, to help you overcome the things that hold you back.

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