Making love a reality in your life

Making love a reality programme

Are you  sick of feeling alone?

You can take a 7-week coaching programme, or work with me in psychotherapy, to turn your lovelife around


Help with:

  • Understanding and letting go of hopelessness
  • Directing, and taking care of your own energy, so that you feel refreshed
  • Realising how loveable you are
  • Trusting, inviting and making space for as much kind, empathic support and love in your life, as you like

Work through what’s holding you back, and open up to new possibilities



How to get started with ‘Making love a reality in your life’

Contact me via the contact form here. I will then send you more information, to give you an idea of how I can help.


Ready to talk

Book a short telephone call with me if you want to connect with me first, or have questions


Ready to start?

Book an assessment session. Everyone starts with an initial individual assessment session with me. Here, you can expect to receive support and be encouraged to explore. You will gain some enlightenment and understanding of your  relationship patterns, and how to start to tackle this. This will start to point you in the right direction.

7 Week ‘Making love a reality in your life’ programme

1:1 sessions, or small, intimate, supportive group, to really talk about this, with people who get it. This coaching programme is from the work of Katherine Woodward Thomas – ‘Calling in the One’


Individual 1:1

Introductory Assessment

At my private practice rooms in Totterdown (when safe after Covid-19), or on an internet call/ by phone.

If you choose to work individually with me, our sessions will be more tailored to your individual needs. Some people like to work with more structure, some people need more time to talk and explore. Both are possible here.

£60 for an hour.



If you have an unresolved traumatic history, or consistent substance addiction, it is advisable to seek psychotherapy with a specialist before coming to ‘Making Love a Reality’ programme.  I am happy to work with you in psychotherapy if you need more time to explore, express and be held emotionally. In this case, we have the option of adding sessions to this coaching programme.


Group Programme online

This is the most popular way to take the programme. This is usually a small group of friendly people (mostly women usually), who bond and grow as much through each other, as with me and the course content. It is understood that this is intimidating for some, but, after the initial fear, it is usually an inspiring and touching experience. All genders are welcome. You will be asked if you are happy to work with a mixed group.

Limited places.

Intro sessions are being conducted now! The sooner you book, the sooner your group will run.


Ongoing Support

It is possible to arrange 1:1 sessions after your group programme completes.


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Shelley Treacher BACP Accred

Making love a reality programme
Helping you really work through what’s holding you back, with people who get it.

Contact me to find out more

You can expect to hear from me personally. I will send you more information on how I can help you.