My honest, raw, off the cuff, video on how I’m coping during the Coronavirus outbreak

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How I’m coping with Coronavirus anxiety, isolation, and overeating

Here I talk honestly about how I’m coping with Coronavirus anxiety,  isolation, and overeating.

I hope to help you, through my honesty, and coping strategies.


What I love about my work

I help people to understand themselves, and to develop compassion. This leads to finding a way through anxiety, loneliness, or comfort eating.

It’s so rewarding for me when, after sometimes a lot of tension, tears or pain, people start to understand how their problems may be caused by giving themselves such a hard time. It’s beautiful to see people start to be gentle and kind to themselves. Also, it’s touching to see people become more ‘themselves’, happy, and playful. And it’s so fulfilling when I see people’s lives change as they reduce harmful behaviours, and find loving relationships.

I’m also passionate about connecting with each person on a deeper, more’ real’ level than most social interactions can be. This makes my job engaging in every session, every day. 🙂


How I can help you cope with anxiety, isolation, or comfort eating

Click here for more information about what I work with. Is your concern on the list?


  • Short daily check in appointments now available

These sessions are to help you through what is a most unusual and stressful time in our history. This is not psychotherapy; more a place to check in about what’s going on for you, with someone impartial, caring, experienced, and professional.

£15 for 15 minutes.

By telephone, or on ‘Whereby.com’ (No sign up. No downloads)

Contact me here for more information


  • Individual sessions

I am now working fully online and on the telephone. Limited day time individual sessions available.

Choose between:


All individual sessions begin with an intake session, to make sure of the best way forward for you.


  • ‘Understanding your Eating’ 5 week group programme online

Intakes now being conducted for the group programme online. Limited places.

For more information cick here


Not ready yet?

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